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Address: Ivana Sibla 17
City: 10000 Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Phone: +385-1-5616372
Fax: +385-1-5599727
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22 -October -2018 - 04:42
Our projects

MEC Solutions
MEC Solutions is ongoing development project in domain of commercial IT and ICT all-in-one (hardware-software based) products. We have so far developed whole series of personal and professional products that stand out with their high quality and practicality.

Design Studio
Design Studio is our creative department within which we provide design and marketing services. List of services include: graphic design, web design, 3D design, flash, multimedia, offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, CD/DVD printing, etc. is set of modern business tools that virtualize your web, phone and fax services into Internet cloud making them available 24/7 by using any internet based IT and ICT device (e.g. your PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. is our online shop made for easy purchasing of office supplies. Our offer contains wide variety of products (from paper to cartridges). We have several payment plans and delivery service for all our buyers. is web based register of Croatian defaulter comapnies. Our users can exchange such information after registration. There is application for short and detailed solvency report that is intended for better business intelligence.

TVOJA4ZIDA is web based real estate classifieds intended for companies and private users. Companies are subjected to symbolic annual fee. Private users enjoy subscription for free of charge. is completely free web based classifieds intended for companies and private users. We have included 30 major categories with over 100 subcategories in our classifieds making it information and user friendly.